Natural Stone Restoration, Repair, and Replacement

Natural stone as an exterior building material is not as prevalent on the West Coast as it is in the Eastern States, only because the majority of our buildng cycles took place after the advent of Portland cement and ceramic building materials. However, there are enough instances of natural stone in the urban Western environment to address this material, especially in regards to interior surfaces. The following stone restoration projects give some idea of how we have dealt with the medium in our restoration work.

Related Projects

Marble Tile Restoration for Annenberg Beach House Pool

Santa Monica, Los Angeles County,
California, USA

The Annenberg Center is the fomer beach and party hub of Marion Davies, mistress of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. In the 30s and 40s it was a heavily patronized social center for the royalty of Hollywood. After a period of decline and conversion into a community center for the City...

Sandstone Restoration for Flood Building

San Francisco, San Francisco County,
California, USA

The Flood Building was originally completed in 1904 by a scion of Comstock Lode wealth and subsequently underwent severe damage in the Great Quake of 1906. After additional repairs, it was reopened and remained a local landmark on Market St., even as its fortunes faded in subsequent years. A complete...

Sandstone Patching and Repairs for Mt. St. Mary's College, Bldg. #1

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County,
California, USA

Originally part of a wealthy neighborhood near historic downtown Los Angeles, this home eventually became part of the eastern campus of Mt. St. Mary's College. Clad in sandstone originally quarried near Santa Barbara, it had undergone severe decay and material loss. Sandstone patching and repair with specialty repair mortars provided the...