Historic Concrete Restoration & Repair

With the commercial advent of modern day Portland cement, the use of concrete in construction blossomed and grew to large quantities by the early part of the 20th Century.  The projects listed here provide a good sampling of historic concrete restoration, patching, and repair jobs, illustrating the use of concrete in historic buildings and facades.




Related Projects

Concrete Repair for AMDA (Vine Tower)

Hollywood, Los Angeles,
California, USA

The former Vine Tower Building is now the West Coast headquarters of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. It was constructed in the 20s, using materials and techniques common for this period. We restored and preserved the board formed cast-in-place concrete veneer using specialty repair mortars.  Wikipedia...

Concrete Restoration and Stabilization for Cabrillo Bridge

San Diego, San Diego County,
California, USA

The Cabrillo Bridge was constructed for the 1915 California Exhibition and had the usual issues with rusting and decay of internal steel reinforcing bars. This concrete bridge restoration and stabilization job became urgent, as chunks of concrete began falling on the Cabrillo Freeway below. We removed the loose concrete around the...

Concrete Veneer Repairs for 1932 Olympic Swim Stadium

Los Angeles,
California, USA

The board-formed concrete facade of the decorative facade had deteriorated significantly and needed cleaning, patching, and new surface treatments to preserve and restore the surface to its former Deco glory. After each area of spalling was cut and the damaged concrete removed, the steel rebar was wire-brushed or sandblasted, and...

Concrete Restoration for Oaklawn Bridge

South Pasadena, Los Angeles,
California, USA

South Pasadena's Oaklawn bridge is the first cast-in-place concrete bridge built west of the Mississippi River and the second oldest such structure in the US, as well as the only bridge ever designed by the renowned architects Greene + Greene. Inexperience in using the relatively new technique of cast-in-place concrete...