Restoration of Multimedia Historic Buildings

Many of our previous projects included more than just one material. Building restoration involving several media can be quite challenging at times. The following projects demonstrate the complexity of restoring muiltimedia architectural materials.

Related Projects

Limestone and Ceramic Tile Restoration for Los Angeles Central Library

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County,
California, USA

The L.A. Central Library was almost torn down, but saved at the last minute to be completely restored and expanded as the showpiece of one of the greates municipal libraries of America. It served as the focal point and transition of Los Angeles from an ahistorical city to one whose...

Decorative Marble and Stucco Restoration for Temple Emmanu-El

San Francisco, San Francisco County,
California, USA

The renovation of Temple Emmanu-El involved decorative marble, cast stone, and cement stucco restoration for the exterior and interior surfaces of the synagogue. The challenge in cleaning the interior masonry decorative components was to avoid damaging the adjacent highly stenciled surfaces. This was achieved by using carefully placed protection in these areas...

Travertine Marble Restoration, Mural Preservation for Millard Sheets Home Savings and Loan Building

Montebello, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, USA

Most of the lower wall of this building was stained due to the proximity of the landscape watering system and the daily soaking of the stone. The travertine marble restoration involved using a very light abrasive process to remove the soiling without significant removal of the substrate. Our repair techniques also...

Cast Stone Veneer Preservation for Mayfair Theater

Santa Monica, Los Angeles County,
California, USA

The emphasis on preservation and replication of all the facade materials on this decorative cast stone veneer called for a faithful and attentive approach to how each of the materials should be treated during removal, restoration, and eventual reinstallation. The Northridge earthquake had expanded upon the damage wrought by normal...

Cast Stone and Stucco Veneer Patching for Huntington Library Museum

San Marino, Los Angeles County,
California, USA

The Huntington Museum and Library was originally the primary residence of Henry Huntington, builder of L.A.'s Red Line trolley system. The house later became the focal point gallery in the extended display and botannical spaces of the Huntington Library and Gardens. Cast stone and stucco patching and repairs to the...

Brick and Terra Cotta Veneer Preservation for Raymond Theater

Pasadena, Los Angeles County,
California, USA

The Raymond Theater in Pasadena had been in business, more or less, for over 70 years before declining fortunes forced its closure. A recent adaptive reuse project involved brick and terra cotta veneer preservation. We saved all the orignal facade elements and recreated missing elements, such as the old marquee. This...

Brick and Terra Cotta Reproduction for Christie Hotel

Hollywood, Los Angeles County,
California, USA

The Christie Hotel had undergone not only environmental damage but also 'aesthetic' revisions so that an adaptive reuse by the owners required brick and terra cotta reproduction as well as the restoration of existing historic fabric. All of our work had to be conducted using boom lifts, since the building's...

Cast Iron and Granite Preservation for 1600 W. 7th St. Los Angeles Veneer

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County,
California, USA

This building was one of the many damaged by fire during the King Riots in 1992. Subsequent repairs had not fared well in the intervening years, and the City's Historic Resources Dept. had mandated the replacement of these previous repairs. This cast iron and granite restoration job involved removing and...